Huntley Meadows

NOTE: Weather Station Data is NOT Working

Weather Data
To view the Weather Station Data click the image above.
The data updates every hour.
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The weather station will hopefully be hosted by the Park in the future. For now it is not operating.

The Huntley Meadows weather station was installed to help park personnel manage water levels within the wetland. Standard meteorological measurements are made, including precipitation, air temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and relative humidity.

In addition to providing these typical weather data, this weather station also takes detailed measurements of solar radiation and changes in water and soil temperature. From these measurements, the rate at which water is evaporated from the pond surface and transpired through the wetland plants (evapotranspiration, ET) is calculated. During the summer months, evapotranspiration can easily exceed precipitation and results in major losses of water from the wetland!